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Do you want to know how Get Your Biz In Order, LLC can help you take the pain out of bookkeeping and small business financial management? We can help you stop feeling frantic, disorganized, and lost when it comes to your business’ financial health.


Are you ready to hand over your bookkeeping to a company which is trustworthy, professional and highly skilled? Mary Baker, the founder of Get Your Biz In Order, LLC has over twenty-five years of experience in the bookkeeping business.


She has developed a unique system which is the cornerstone of Get Your Biz In Order, LLC signature monthly bookkeeping services.
































We do one thing and do it really well…that’s Bookkeeping! Bookkeeping needs vary from business to business and person to person so you will find we offer several options to meet your needs.


Are you just starting out and have a small budget? Consider investing in some training and coaching.


Have you tried to do your own bookkeeping only to find it keeps drifting to the bottom of the To Do list? Monthly bookkeeping services are a great match!


Are you a sophisticated entrepreneur who understands the value of outsourcing your financial management to a skilled team? You will be a perfect match to our financial concierge service.


Monthly Bookkeeping Services: For the self-employed person on the go. Don’t have time to deal with QuickBooks or Excel?  Want your books “done” every month? This bookkeeping service is for you if you want to get the “money bandit” off your back. Each month your dedicated Get Your Biz In Order Bookkeeper enters all of your bank, credit card and cash transactions to QuickBooks. You receive reports monthly to review and at the end of the year tax time is easy as pie.  


Financial Concierge Services: For the high net worth individual who wants their entire financial life managed by a person they can deeply trust. This highly customized service provides our valued clients with an entire outsourced accounting team. We handle bill paying, wire transfers, entering all data into QuickBooks; provide monthly reports, sales taxes, and overseeing any payroll services. This service is provided personally is supported by a strong administrative team.  Please contact us so we can provide you a free 1 hour consultation session.


Bookkeeping Systems & Training: For the brand new entrepreneur, who doesn’t quite have the budget for monthly bookkeeping, but strives to stay on top of their financial   game. You can purchase our custom designed bookkeeping system specific for your business.  Learn to read important financial reports, understand basic taxes, and get documents and checklists to help you learn and financially grow.


QuickBooks Help & Support: Are you struggling with QuickBooks? Do you want to set-up your bookkeeping system right but don’t know where to begin? Have a QuickBooks problem? Do you need QuickBooks Mac Help? Aren’t you psyched that Get Your Biz In Order Bookkeepers know both programs? If you answered yes to these questions, this a la carte bookkeeping service is for you.  Do you have an existing QuickBooks file that you want “cleaned up” and brought up to speed with current transaction data? A Get Your Biz In Order bookkeeper will do this for you and you will be handed a bright and shiny file with new and current information.
































Each month you send your financial documents to us. Alternatively, if your bank provides “bookkeeper access” you can send us login information and we can download the information for you. Not “techy?” Snail mail your documents to us!



We enter all of your transaction activity into QuickBooks. Each account is balanced and reconciled, a critical and often overlooked piece of the accounting process.



Once revisions are complete, finalized reports are uploaded

to our system. Working with us gives you a complete and securely stored financial archive in one convenient place. Share it with other members of your team with the click of a button.


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We send you preliminary financial reports for you to proofread and revise. This essential piece allows the client and the bookkeeper to “triple check” all the data entry for accuracy. It also helps our clients to understand the “details” of their cash flow.

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